7 Mind-blowing experiences everyone needs to try on the Gold Coast

7 Mind-blowing experiences everyone needs to try on the Gold Coast

Get outside and create incredible experiences that you will never forget, here is a list of activities you wouldn’t have thought to do on the Gold Coast.

One the Edge Adventures

Photo credit: On The Edge Adventures

Boulder hop your way through running creeks in the Gold Coast Hinterlands until you find a waterfall, then jump straight off it. Off the beaten track and away from holiday crowds, take the opportunity to build personal confidence, and challenge yourself with the ultimate day of adventure. The canyoning tour follows a stream in the lush rainforest to a number of waterfalls to abseil and jump down. After an invigorating swim in the rock pools beneath a waterfall, there is an hour walk through the tropical forest to get back to the car park.

For more information visit www.adventuregoldcoast.com.au or email info@adventuregoldcoast.com.au


Full Moon Kayaking

Photo credit: Full Moon Kayaking

Kayaking is a great way to get out and explore the pristine waters of the Gold Coast, but step outside the box and do it under the light of a full moon. Paddle across the Broadwater while the Gold Coast city lights twinkle on the surface in the distance, and once you reach Wave Break Island, relax on the island enjoying a glass of wine and a board of nibbles.

For more information visit: www.seawaykayakingtours.com.au


Tasting Plate Tour

Photo credit: Tasting Plate Tours

Taste your way around Tweed Heads, the hinterlands of Byron, and Ballina visiting hidden foodie destinations; stopping by farms, providores and renowned restaurants. During this full day foodie tour, you can enjoy a range of tasting plates with food that is sourced locally.

For more information visit www.tastingplatetours.com.au or email info@tastingplatetours.com.au


Ballooning Over the Scenic Rim & Vineyard Champagne Breakfast

Photo credit: Hot Air Balloon

There is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the Gold Coast Hinterlands than floating among the mountains in a hot air balloon. Relax and let the crisp dawn air fill your lungs while overlooking stunning views of Lamington National Park and Mt Tamborine, as the sun rises and ignites the fog nestled between the ridges in gold. Then spend the rest of the morning at O’Rilleys Vineyard enjoying a champagne breakfast.

For more information visit www.hotair.com.au or email goldcoast@hotair.com.au


Skydive With a Beach Landing

Photo credit: Cold Coast Skydive

Get above the clouds and put your life in the hands of a stranger, literally, relinquish all control and freefall 7,500ft to the ground. Sky diving isn’t just a thrill-seekers fantasy; it is a great way to push outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. The 360 degree Birdseye view is worth the nerves, see Gold Coast city from unprecedented heights, and the ocean as it rolls out disappearing into the curve of the earth.

For more information visit www.goldcoastskydive.com.au or email info@GoldCoastSkydive.com.au


Boutique Winery Tour

Photo credit: Witches Falls Winery

This tour is a full day of bliss for wine lovers and thirsty people alike. Situated in Tamborine Mountain, spend the day strolling around 3-4 boutique wineries, and visit one of Australia’s award winning distilleries. Sit back and chat with friends, while sipping on renowned wines and liqueurs and take in the beautiful scenery that the Hinterlands has to offer.

For more information www.ambienceontour.com.au email bookings@ambienceontour.com.au


Snorkeling on Wave Brake Island

Photo credit: Queensland Scuba Diving

It is an entirely different world underwater, and snorkeling is one of the best ways to discover this diverse ecosystem. Therefore teaming with life, as there are over 50 different species of fish at Wave Break Island. After a 10 minute boast cruise from Main beach, spend 4 hours swimming with schools of fish, explore coral, and relax on the island.

For more information visit www.qldscubadive.com.au or email information@qldscubadive.com.au

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