Finding grace through self-discovery and surfing

Finding grace through self-discovery and surfing

After a ten-year journey into surfing, Gold Coast local, Sally MacKinnon, couldn’t keep what she learnt quiet and in 2018 set about writing and self-publishing a book on loss, resurrection, grief and joy called Surfing as a dance: how one woman found grace in and out of the water.

In November 2018 she adapted the newly-published book to create a unique program of workshops called “Growing Together” to empower Northern Gold Coast mothers and daughters, thanks to the support of the Oxenford-Coomera Community and Youth Centre and funding from the Gold Coast Lady Mayoress Foundation.

The first Mothers and Daughters workshop included beach-yoga and a surfing lesson for mums and their daughters at Currumbin Alley. Over the next six months up to 50 mothers and daughters will experience the joys of surfing as well as group sessions about inner and outer beauty, the power of gratitude and mindfulness, yoga, healthy bodies and minds, and compassionate communication.

“The book and the workshops are about finding grace, one of my favourite words as it encourages us to rise up and be everything we can be, to grow from the inside out and stand humble and resolute in all our power,” Sally said.  “This is an every-woman’s story and program about rediscovering meaning in life while still navigating the everyday – paying the bills, turning up to work, and being present for your family.”

Surfing as a dance is set against the backdrop of Sally’s local Currumbin break and the book is a literary and visual exploration of self-discovery, made up of reflective essays, poems, prose, and dreamscape photographs, carefully curated by writer Sally MacKinnon, photographer Alison Gowland, designer Ingrid Schroder and editor Dianna Timmins.

Surfing as a dance: how one woman found grace in and out of the water will be officially launched on 8 December 2018. The first series of Mothers and Daughters workshops is booked out and the next series will begin in mid-January at the Oxenford-Coomera Community and Youth Centre.