International travellers flock to Gold Coast

International travellers flock to Gold Coast

The Gold Coast welcomed a record number of international visitors who spent up big for the year ending March 31.

Preliminary figures released this week provided by the International Visitor Survey (IVS) show that a record 1.05m overseas visitors, up 3.8 per cent came to the Gold Coast in period immediately prior to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

As the destination continues to strengthen its continued global appeal, similar performances posted by Queensland and Australia also saw record visitation volumes.

Destination Gold Coast CEO Martin Winter said whilst the figures were overwhelmingly positive, the interim results would undergo a review at a later date.

“I would also caution the results because the quality of the main purpose of visit component of the passenger data supplied to TRA by the Department of Home Affairs has been identified as a concern.

“We also have to keep in mind that Scenic Rim figures are no longer calculated as part of the Gold Coast region.”

Gold Coast expenditure topped a record $1.3 billion (up 10.6 per cent), outperforming both Queensland (6.4 per cent) and Australia (6.7 percent) growth rates.

“It’s encouraging to see an increase in visitor spend up 10.6 per cent, which has been an area of concern in the past. But again, I would caution the figures as they are likely to be further qualified down the track.”

China continues to be the lead source market, up 2.2% per cent for the Gold Coast followed by New Zealand. Both remain markets the destination will continue to work to maintain.