Dreamworld’s new Tiger Cub Walks helping wild tigers

Dreamworld’s new Tiger Cub Walks helping wild tigers

Dreamworld are offering guests an experience of a lifetime, the opportunity to meet the parks newest and most adorable attraction – two 25-week-old tiger cubs, while learning about and helping wild tigers.

Melati and Mya are the newest addition to Tiger Island in Dreamworld, and guests have been given the opportunity to be one of the first to meet the next generation of tigers at the park up-close and personal.

The all new Tiger Cub Walks allows guests to have an intimate experience with Melati and Mya during their morning walk with Dreamworld’s experienced handlers before park opening hours.

Guests will also learn about the plight of wild tigers, with fewer than 4,000 tigers left in the wild, Melati, Mya and Dreamworld’s 10 resident tigers at Tiger Island play an important role in helping save their cousins in the wilds of Sumatra, Russia and Nepal.

Dreamworld raises much needed funds for global tiger conservation efforts through animal experience programs, such as Tiger Cub Walks, and the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, which visiting guests are encouraged to donate and contribute to.

“Our various fundraising initiatives continue to raise money which fund anti-poaching teams globally,” Tiger Island Manager Patrick Martin-Vegue said.

Guests can contribute to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation via Dreamworld’s Adopt-An-Animal program, which is available online and in-park, or make one-off donations online and in-park in donation boxes located around Tiger Island, as well as a range of merchandise for sale with a portion of proceedings going directly to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation.

“The results of these contributions towards anti-poaching teams in Sumatra, speak for themselves with Wild Cats Conservation Alliance reporting a 78% reduction of active snares recorded in the region last year compared to the previous year. The teams have also seen an increased frequency of tiger presence in the area in that time,” Mr Martin-Vegue said.

“We have a long way to go, but these promising results show us how important it is to continue the fight for tiger conservation, and that every cent counts.”

The Tiger Cub Walks are on offer now, with prices varying from $495 to $695 depending on how many people are in a group.

To book or for more information visit: www.dreamworld.com.au/Tiger-Cub-Walks

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