Seaquatix waterproof cases a must-have for your next outdoor adventure

Seaquatix waterproof cases a must-have for your next outdoor adventure

Whether you’re a beach babe, get a thrill from amusement parks or simply enjoy a day out on a boat, there is one travel accessory you can’t leave home without – Seaquatix.

Seaquatix is a waterproof case for your phone and valuables which allows you to take both into the surf and outdoors, worry-free. Co-founded by former model, Aprille Lim, and partner, Max Mabeka, while on a tropical holiday, it is the beach and travel solution you never knew you needed.

As mobile devices have become inextricably linked to our everyday lives, Seaquatix allows you to never be without your phone – rain, hail or shine. This means you can now capture every moment above and below water without hesitation.

A problem shared by many, Seaquatix operates at the intersection of people’s desire to document adventures without the fear of dropping your phone into the ocean or rocky, cement floors, and losing a part of your life in pursuit of capturing the perfect moment.

Users can now take their phone and essential valuables (i.e. cash and credit cards) with them while surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, hiking, or just frolicking in the water.




Top 5 reasons you need a Seaquatix waterproof case in the Gold Coast


  1. Jet Ski Safari

We have all hard jet ski operators say, “please leave your phone and valuables behind”. Well, not anymore. Seaquatix allows you to document your jet ski adventures right from take-off. Just make sure you ride responsibly.

  1. Wet and Wild

Now, mum can join too instead of minding your things. Whether it’s getting a POV video of you sliding through the Super8 Aqua Racer, chilling through Calypso Beach or getting dunked by waves in the Giant Wave Pool, Seaquatix has you covered.

  1. Sea World

Guilty of sitting a few rows back for fear that the dolphin show will soak you and your things? Fear no more. Seat yourself front and centre and enjoy the splash with Seaquatix.

  1. Hinterland Waterfalls

There is nothing more beautiful than hiking through the hinterlands and seeing that beautiful waterfall at the end as a reward. Seaquatix protects your things from all of the elements – water, sand, dust, and mud.

  1. Boating

Fancy a beautiful day on the water with that added peace of mind? Whether its whale watching, jet boating or fishing charters. Take some beautiful photos from the boat and still use your phone as normal.

With eight different colours and two sizes, Seaquatix is available online starting at $54.95 or in-store at General Pants.

GoldCoast Captured has teamed up with Seaquatix to give away four small waterproof cases for phones up to an iPhone 6 and Android equivalent. If you can’t wait to win, then Seaquatix is also giving Gold Coast Captured readers 20% off using the code ‘SQGCC’.



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