Secrets of a Gold Coast Psychic

Secrets of a Gold Coast Psychic

“How long have you been doing this and how did you know you’re psychic?”  These are the questions I’m always asked when I meet someone and tell them what I do. ”What’s the secret and what do you see for me?”

Unlike the shows you see on tv, I haven’t seen spirit since I was a child, not that I can remember.  I think I would’ve freaked out if I saw dead people in my bedroom!  If I saw you in the supermarket I would probably see the shopping you have in your trolley. It’s not usually until I have your permission I see anything, otherwise I would go crazy tuning into everyone.

Looking back, I realise I’ve always known things and felt what others felt without ever truly understanding it fully until about eight years ago.  I just thought it was normal to have the visions and know what was happening for those around me. Like the time I knew the exact details of conversation my parents were having about moving house even though I was asleep. Or the time I heard Les Scheinflug, the Australian Under 17’s Soccer coach talk to the other coaches about my son’s chances of being in the team which was going to Chile the next day. He wasn’t chosen and I knew when he phoned from the training camp, I had to pick up and bring one very disappointed boy home.

So, what was the catalyst for the medium within to show herself? In my late forties, I went through my dark night of the soul; my now ex-husband was in a long-term spiral of depression; my daughter who lives in the USA was addicted to ice; my mum in the UK was dying of cancer; the final straw was the loss of a business here on the coast. I realized I had lost who I was and was living someone else’s dream.

I was like every other forty something woman, unhappy in my marriage, feeling powerless and hating the financial planning job I did. I decided something had to change and that something was me!

I took twelve months off work deciding I wasn’t going to work in banking or insurance ever again or with my husband! I followed my passion and did lots of courses on Tarot, Reiki, psychic development and mediumship …. all because someone else, another Medium, saw in me what I couldn’t. As my brothers used to say, “Hey, our kid, you have the gift.”

I felt an immense driving force within me just knowing this was my path, to use my psychic gifts to help others find purpose, closure, healing, clarity and direction.

Since then life has been a bit like tumbling down the rabbit hole in the most magical way.

It’s not kooky people who come to see me. It’s the lawyers, tax agents, police, school principals, business owners, real estate agents, every day people. Some feel stuck, others are in grief, then there are those who are lost, trying to navigate through their relationships or souls simply at a crossroads in life.

Having a reading or healing session can bring the insight necessary for not repeating patterns or mistakes, getting clarity on what options are head.

I don’t believe the future is set in stone.

Most of us act from the experiences of our past, letting them influence how we act or think now. The future is created by what’s happening right now and so, insight and knowledge mean you can change the future to bring you what you want.

Those who come through from the other side always want to reassure their loved ones they are still alive and they aren’t in pain. Being a Medium isn’t always pleasant or easy, but then neither is life! Sitting with someone who just lost their loved one to suicide is tough, it feels like nothing you can say will help. Yet, bringing two souls back in touch with what was good is a blessing. It’s a calling and one which can ease the pain and suffering of someone else, so for that, I am grateful.

I realise I’ve been through most things. I had an abusive father; am of mixed race, part Indian and part Irish; divorced parents; divorced twice myself; emigrated to Australia when I was 22; was a single mum; suffered with depression and a broken back; had various careers living for two years in Vanuatu; lost my daughter when she chose to live with her father in the States; and the list goes on. Through it all I read what I could about how to be happy and watched other people get through their challenges. I’m a Leo and I don’t ever give up.

My life has been the perfect training ground to be able to tune into the lives of my clients and not be surprised or fazed by anything I see. It’s what’s driven me to run meet-ups, workshops and retreats, so others can find their inner wisdom, connection to something greater and maybe even their own psychic abilities ….we all have them!

Living on the gorgeous Gold Coast is world away from life growing up in the cold, rainy North of England. Doing what I do and living where I live, here in the Sundale hub of Southport, I feel as though I’ve hit the jackpot! I’m living the dream. Close to the beaches and to able work anywhere, what more could you want?



Susan Kennedy is a respected Psychic Medium & Spiritual Mentor. She could always see clearly what others couldn’t or wouldn’t and has used this gift to help others. She is renowned for her warmth and accuracy in her spiritual readings, teaching and healing work drawing her vast experiences in life. Seeing those in the spirit world confirms her knowledge, life is for living and we are here to shine.

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