Gold Coast Fashion Week 2018 set to reignite local fashion

Gold Coast Fashion Week 2018 set to reignite local fashion

Gold Coast Fashion Week 2018 will take place from July 26th-29th, across various locations along the coast that will showcase exactly what the city has to offer.

New GCFW Director Angela Rose identified the talent of coastal-based designers after her experience in Brisbane Fashion Week mid last year.

“It was so clear to me that the Gold Coast fashion industry is thriving with innovative designers, as well as high-profile influencers and industry entrepreneurs,” Angela said.

“They all had to travel out of their region for some exposure and publicity, so I knew there was demand.”

Partnered with industry leader, designer and entrepreneur Bethany Turner of Fashion Mogul Agency to form Gold Coast Fashion Events, they are reviving Gold Coast Fashion Week from its last showcase in 2013. 

“People think the Gold Coast is only about swimwear and summer dresses, but we have such an impressive profile of home grown talent who hold their own on the runways around the country and we intend to showcase Gold Coast along with Australian and International designer royalty,” Bethany said.

The event will also display what the Gold Coast has to offer, with various locations from Q1, Versace and the Broadwater Parklands set to host runway shows and social events.

Along with boosting Gold Coast fashion, the increase in retail spending throughout GCFW will benefit local tourism, with the community festival bringing the coast together for a celebration of fashion.  

“We wanted Gold Coast Fashion Week to be an event that not only gave local fashion a voice but shows those that aren’t local just what we have to offer, it is the perfect opportunity to combine fashion and local culture,” Angela said.

This year’s Gold Coast Fashion Week 2018 will mark the start of what will become a prestigious annual event on the Gold Coast calendar.