Local brand MooGoo goes large in China

Local brand MooGoo goes large in China

Millions of natural product consumers in China have begun to see and hear about the benefits of using MooGoo after the Gold Coast skincare company signed on Amy Lyons – a Mandarin-speaking Australian who is an internet celebrity in Asia.

MooGoo Skin Care founder Craig Jones discovered ‘Wang Hong’ Amy Lyons, a 24-year-old sun-bleached blonde, through her work with Tourism Australia.

“We were looking for a person who could speak both Mandarin and English, and I assumed that would be a person of Chinese background, but then we found Amy from Sydney. She is natural and healthy just like us, so she is such a perfect fit for the brand,” said Jones, who quickly recruited the health and fitness advocate with her 100,000+ followers across the primary Chinese social platforms – WeChat and Weibo.

MooGoo has been making waves in the international skin care industry for more than 13 years through making natural products to help people with skin problems and sensitive skin.

The brand has had great cut-through in the United Kingdom, and recently entered the New Zealand and South Korea markets.

“MooGoo has always been popular with Chinese Australians, but we haven’t actually been that prominent in China because it’s difficult to communicate what the brand is all about, which is healthy ingredients, no gimmicks and that we are down-to-earth.”

Jones says the phenomenon surrounding its products is owed to the natural ingredients they use.

“We get lots of success stories, however, I must point out that we don’t claim MooGoo is a miracle cure,” said Jones.

“The important point is that we use different ingredients to many creams on the market and that sees us helping a lot of people across the world.”

Amy Lyons is the only Australian Wang Hong to successfully position herself as a social media influencer in the Chinese market, after she completed a commerce degree and decided to learn fluent Mandarin in 2012.

“I’ve had a strong focus on cementing myself as an Australian influencer in China, and MooGoo is exactly the kind of brand that I want to get behind – they have a great Australian presence and great natural products.

“When it comes to getting into the Chinese market it can be a real struggle for a lot of brands, and I personally think influencer marketing is the next big thing, especially in China. They have such a strong fan culture there and I think this exposure could be really great.

“For brands with an obvious Australian focus, they want an ambassador who looks, lives and acts Australian, but can also connect with the Chinese market, and I think I’ve positioned myself in such a way that I am that person.”

China is Australia’s largest two-way trading partner, with the relationship currently valued at more than $155 billion.



MooGoo is available in selected retail outlets and online at moogoo.com.au