Plastic You Can Wear: Turning Bottles Into Fashion

Plastic You Can Wear: Turning Bottles Into Fashion

They have taken recycling to a new level by using recycled plastic bottles and create eco-friendly swimwear.

The fashion industry has gone crazy pumping out low quality and cheap garments that fall apart after a few wears, adding to the rubbish we produce. Australians are showing they want to treat the planet with more respect by outlawing single use plastic bags, moving away from plastic straws, lining our bins with newspaper rather than plastic that doesn’t break down so why not buy clothes that are made from waste?

Think Love Live’s swimwear is made from 92% recycled plastic bottles and are one of the first companies in the world to do so.

Given how long it takes for plastic bottles to breakdown, Anna’s swimwear is part of the solution.

Think Love Live is part of the slow fashion movement – clothes that are affordable that last. The swimwear they make is made up of polyester and spandex and it takes 50% less energy to produce recycled polyester than to create it from scratch.

There is just so much people can do to go plastic free and reduce plastic waste and for those who don’t wear bikinis, it can start with not buying single use plastic bottles to start with.

Say no to plastic and live plastic free – take your own mug when you get coffee, take your own bags shopping, don’t buy pre-packaged fruit and vege, seek out ethical fashion, and talk to local businesses about how they can change.

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