What to LOOK for when choosing your sunglasses

What to LOOK for when choosing your sunglasses

With winter upon us, it’s important for Aussies to know that the low sitting winter sun can be just as damaging as on a summer’s scorcher day!

There is harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays 365 days a year that we need to save our eyes from and with so much to consider – lens colour, frame shape, level of protection – the experts at Maui Jim sunglasses have developed a guide to help Aussies find their perfect match.

Choose polarised lenses for the best protection

Eye protection should be the first priority when selecting a pair of sunglasses. The sun’s harmful rays can lead to serious long term eye health issues and even damage the skin around the eye.

Protect your eyes by choosing sunglasses with polarised lenses. These will block harmful UV rays and glare. Wearing unpolarised sunglasses is actually worse than wearing none at all because the shade relaxes the pupil and lets the harmful rays in!

Maui Jim is the pioneer of the world’s leading polarised lens which blocks 100 percent of harmful UV rays and 99.9 percent of glare.

Your face shape

It is not uncommon to hear people say that sunglasses do not suit them. With so many frame shapes and colours on offer, it is impossible that this is the case. It’s about knowing what to look for to suit you best.  According to Maui Jim, following the below guide will help find success.


Oval face – Look for square frames with gently rounded edges

Maui Jim Tail Slide


Round face – Minimise curves with double brow or higher arms

Maui Jim Mavericks


Square face – Soft curvy styles will suit you the best

Maui Jim Jasmine



Diamond/Triangle face – Seek rimless or cat-eye styles

Maui Jim Canna


Lens material

Choose a lens material that suits your lifestyle. Glass lenses offer the clearest edge-to-edge optics so are perfect for everyday use but are not suitable for active sports where they might be bumped, fall off or break.

Those with active lifestyles should look for durable, light weight options such as Maui Jim’s Maui Brilliant lens which offers optics nearly as clear as glass, is the lightest lens material ever produced by Maui Jim at nearly one-third the weight of standard glass and provides ultra-high levels of impact and scratch resistance.

Lens colour

There are plenty of lens colours available. Maui Jim for instance has six different options ranging from grey to blue and pink mirror fashion lenses (Blue Hawaii and Maui Sunrise). Aside from picking the lens colour that feels the most comfortable, a key consideration is the conditions you will wear your sunglasses in.


Neutral Grey lenses – Offer the highest level of light reduction for bright, sunny days

Maui Jim Stillwater


Bronze lenses – Have a versatile, all-activity, warm brown tint designed to improve vision in variable light conditions

Maui Jim  Honey Girl


Rose lenses – Blush coloured for maximum contrast and crisp vision and are particularly good for fast moving sports

Maui Jim Summer Time


Low light lenses – Perfect for early mornings, late afternoons or overcast conditions. An example is Maui Jim’s HT lens

Maui Jim Howzit


When you know what you’re looking for, purchasing sunglasses can be an enjoyable experience. The most important thing to be vigilant of is that eye protection is paramount.

Sunglasses are essential all year round, but in winter the sun sits lower in the sky making it even more important to keep our eyes protected.

For more information visit http://mauijim.com/en/shop/sunglasses